Double King (2017) Short Film Mini Review

Double King is a short animated film by Felix Colgrave, an animator who is currently based in Australia. He is known for his weird art style and ‘Double King’ has garnered over 20k views in just 4 days! I have chanced upon it and feels that it deserves to be reviewed, and man, this thing is pretty weird to be reviewed on. Anyway, let’s continue below!

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Screenshot of Double King's protagonist by Felix Colgrove
The Protagonist King




The basic premise is pretty much about a King who sets off to steal or conquer other kings to get their crowns. He is Crown-obsessed and will do anything to get more crowns that could be added onto his. Along the way, he encounters other kings and tries to get them all, but will this come with some consequences?



Man, this short film is weird, like really weird. The whole animation has a storyline that is pretty original, a quirky original that is. What impressed me most is the quality and art style which really stands out for the latter. The animation is smooth like it’s done with Flash, and the art style borders on surrealism fantasy combined with cartoony graphics. Pacing is also pretty good, as at first I only intended to watch the first minute, but I got hooked and in the end, I watched the whole film without regretting it. Characters are pretty unique, with the protagonist being just a two-eyed fat guy with big hands and legs, who go about killing off other Kings that are similarly strange in appearance and behaviours. Lastly, the music soundtracks some religious or old Rome tracks that give it a medieval feeling. Interestingly, they fit the graphics in their own weird way.


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