True Colors (2017) Short Film Mini Review

True Colors is a short film directed by Eugene Baiste, a Los Angeles-based creative director and photographer. The short film is his first dip into short film genre and it’s been uploaded to Vimeo just 5 days ago and features Julia Luciv as the silent protagonist. Will his experience in commercials be able to elevate True Colors from the crowd, and make it special? We are about to find out below!


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A woman appears to dig the ground in a deserted wasteland. But what’s waiting for her at the end?

Screen Shot 2017 of True Colors Short film by Eugene Baiste
A woman with a spade, and a car in a deserted wasteland…seems normal to me

Man, this story itself is pretty weird and not very original, but overall it is a refreshing take from a more visual perspective. Next, the pacing is great in the beginning, but kind of slowed towards the end just a tad bit. I know it’s meant for increasing the tension, but it’s not maintained ideally with that slightly long pacing of just the woman digging the ground. Then, we have the characters, which the woman clearly stands out from a normal people with her outfit and demeanor. Truth be told, this whole film and its character look like a mix of commercials and film in beautiful black & white, with the angles and editing making it look like an advertisement for some products. I actually kind of like this style as it really stands out from other short films that feature similar story, the director has used his skills in commercial to carve out something unique of his own. Music soundtracks are pretty epic, not the cinematic type but more like something you hear in clubs or in an epic ad. It kinds of fit, and gives the tension to the whole film from start to the end. Lastly, I love the male character’s narration that contrasts to the appearance of only the woman, and its eventual foreshadowing.

True Colors Short Film Review Scoreboard

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