Adapting to changes is great, But never forget to Look back

Lost & Found: Yourself

Have you lost anything recently? No, not those materialistic stuff or physical ones, what I meant are those of you. It’s been years, hasn’t it? In fact, I dare say you have undergone changes along the way, regardless of how minor or major they are. So, imagine you are now walking to a Police Station, asking for something that you have lost. He opens the drawer and let you look inside.

Royalty free image of an old drawer

What do you see?

What’s inside can either be lots of messy stuff or perhaps just a few pieces of objects that symbolise part of you. Some of us are lucky or resilient enough not to lose ourselves while walking down the path in front of us. Some, for better or worse, have dropped parts of them along the way, slowly but surely.

Should we then stop and look back?

I say: Yes. Look back once in a while. Be it the old pictures or videos, or just hear them from your parents/siblings. Just look back and see the original you. Witness the length of the journey you have taken so far; be proud of it. Never forget, it’s also thanks to the original You that you manage to change to adapt to life along the path. The mistakes that he or she made in the past become the deciding factors that create the You today.

Look back into the past version and learn from the strength, innocence, and mindset from back then. Often, we begin to lose some of these in the process of growing up, though to be fair, with great loss comes great gains in other factors that enable us to survive today. However, if we can learn something from the past, the only to do so is to stop and look back. Start observing that person, and have a ‘small’ inner talk with him/her.

Speak, discuss, have a laugh at past misdeeds and then together, say this: ‘Till we meet again’. It’s a temporary goodbye as you stand up and leave him/her, to continue your journey onwards. Do not drag him/her with you, as the past should forever remain in the past, and should only be kept in your memories.

Until the next time, stop again to look back. Perhaps this time, he/she will smile and you will smile back, bearing the best from both worlds till the end of the journey.


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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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