Why your old Blog posts are worth re-reading

Uncategorised; A unique auto-created category by WordPress before for each post that you wrote. For some of us, we will un-tick it and create a new one in its place. For others, we leave it as it is. These ‘Uncategorised’ posts are for those who prefer it to be hidden from view or just to be free from any categorisation. Often, such posts act as our internal diary; we write for ourselves, with the intention to keep to ourselves.

Some of you will read back the posts after some time, some may never even look at it again. Perhaps it’s the way we remind ourselves of the life we have lived. That post was written by the younger you, the different you. You may have changed a lot, or maybe not at all, but if you read those posts back, it will be akin to communicating with your past self. Those posts are in a world isolated from your own, their time stopped flowing since the day you published it. They become part of your memories, either bad or good, that you don’t feel the need to give them a label. They are You. You were them.

For me, they reminded me of the old Me, that is similar but different person altogether. I look back at the past that stays hidden till now. Stupidity, naivety and perhaps childishness are the themes of most posts I had written. However, I felt proud at the same time, for those memories have been a great fun period of my life. Interwoven with the good times are those sad moments of mistakes I have made. The former reminds me to be grateful, for those times are priceless; and the latter reminds me to be reflective, for they reveal the imperfection.

We all have those Uncategorised moments that will not be restricted by any labels. Those are your true self, not restrained by anything. Let’s be free, at least in writing them, let yourself discover back the You who are unrestrained. Perhaps its time to be free and reflect upon them unto the present You.

Give yourself 5 mins to look back at the past posts without any categorisation. What and how did you feel when you read them? Share your feelings/opinions below for us to reflect 🙂


(Credit image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tree-boy-hiding-grass-30760/)

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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