Ode (2017) Short Film Mini Review

Ode is a stop-motion animated short film that is created by Camille Chao, an animator from France. The music is composed by Mathieu Parisot and sound-design by Aloyse Launay. It is the graduation project from her and it’s been circulating on Facebook and Vimeo with thousands of views within two days after its release. I chanced upon Ode when I was looking through some short films that had just been released in the last 7 days and the preview image captivated me. Controller Company will evaluate the film to see if this is worth watching, so let’s continue below!

Sans titre-1

Original Video Link: https://vimeo.com/215871599

The basic premise is about a girl being trapped in her own world, which symbolises fear due to some traumatising events. Then, another girl arrives…but could she break down the walls to rescue the other girl?

Alright, to be honest, the art style is pretty rough in some parts and being more polished in some, which creates some inconsistency. However, they are still filled with some details, and actually, helps to give it a unique rough-the-edge look, that fits the atmosphere and tone of the short film. Although there are some clunky animated movements, the animation is mostly smooth and there are some pretty cool looking scenes and beautiful movement sequences that I like. Pacing is consistent and the film flows fast without slowing down unnecessarily like in some bad animation. Characters are filled with personalities, and this is achieved in the absence of dialogues, instead, it relies on their body languages. The two characters are in contrast to each other, both visually and in behaviour, representing light & dark. Also, I love the part where she tries to break the wall, and the wall has a smiling face, which perhaps symbolises the fake smile we put everyday in today’s social media era. Finally, the music soundtracks are quite grandiose, which I feel can be a tad too much, but overall it still fits the mood of the film. Sound designs are alright, with the beginning sounding quite weird with the water, but it improves as it nears the ending.


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