Hate for Sale (2017) Short Film Review

Hate for Sale is a stop-motion animated film by Anna Eijsbouts with narration by Peter Kenny. The film is roughly based on a poem created by Neil Gaiman that aims to bring awareness to some current issue in this globalised world. With the video having been circulated around the internet and now been seen by Controller Company, let’s begin the review on this film to see if it does anything differently from other similar offerings!

Original Video Link: https://vimeo.com/215445656

Hate for Sale short film screenshot of the main narrator

There is no main storyline in this short film, as it is based on the narration of an original poem. The basic rough premise is the exploration of Hate and how it affects the current world that we are living in, and how we are equally influenced by it, either directly or indirectly.

Now, I must say the stop motion animation and its visual style is deliberately made old-school, which kind of reminds me of the cartoons I watched during childhood. With a muted colours, simplistic designs and pretty artistic flair, Hate for Sale creates a weirdly nostalgic impression for me. The animation is surprisingly pretty smooth too for the character’s movement. The pacing is pretty great, with the poem not being read too slow or in a rush, and they maintained the pace throughout with different scenes and events changing continuously. Next, we have the central character, a businessman selling Hate to the masses, and I must say his appearance is very unique. It is sort of like the Chesire cat mixed with a bad guy from Powerpuff Girl, with a deep sly voice that is both mocking and influencing your thoughts. Certainly a very interesting character. Other characters are pretty non-existent and only serve as unknown side characters. Finally, there is no music in this film, which actually helps to emphasise the poem narration, and indirectly represents the ‘silent’ majority that will play a big role in transforming the hate to love.


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