Afternoon Class (2014) Short Film Mini Review

Afternoon Class is a short animated film created by Seoro Oh, a Korean freelance illustrator and also a Film Maker. The clip was released on Vimeo and had since been viewed by thousands of people. Controller Company has watched it and decided that it deserved to be reviewed to let you know whether it’s worth your time. Without further ado, let’s delve into the mini critique below!


Original Video link:

The basic premise is a student who tries to stay awake in class and … that’s it! It’s really a simple tale that is very relatable to many students around the world, and particularly in Asia.

I really love the visuals, which is a mix of simplicity with some artistic aspect. Everything is in 2D, but the usage of colours and unique art style makes it different from normal hand-drawn animations. It is not a visual orgasm, but the simple earthy colours make it appealing and easy to the eyes. Story wise, it is nothing groundbreaking and there are no deep twists at the end. Though, this short film does not focus on narrative in the first place. What it does focus on is to change the perspective on how we view sleepiness in class. With great sound effects and smooth quirky artistic animation, Seoro Oh managed to create interesting scenes out of ordinary actions/events. Some of the animations look really great and hypnotising, with surrealism setting in for maximum impact. Music soundtracks are minimal but used fittingly. It definitely deserves the awards it gained from the festivals and screenings.


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