The Rule Breakers – Class Fight (2014) Short Film Mini Review

The Rule Breakers – Class Fight is an action comedy short films produced by JUO Production, which comprised mostly of Jaze Phua and Jerry Lim. They are a Singapore-based production company that specialises in commercials and short films. The Rule Breakers is the first part of the series and was shown with great fanfare when it was released, and won some awards as well. But disregarding these, we will take a look at it to determine its quality and enjoyable factors. Let’s begin the review below!

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The basic premise is about three secondary school students, each of which has distinct personalities, such as a bully, a joker, and a mysterious student. When there is a new sexy substitute teacher appearing to teach their class, each of them begins to try to find ways to attract her, however, only a proper fight will determine who could get her first. Will any of them ever able to woo her?

First of all, the narrative is really simple, basically just about three students trying to woo a sexy teacher. Don’t expect any twists or deep moral story behind. However, the film director already knows this and focuses on the action sequences and the comedy from the start. Pacing is great, with many of the fight scenes happening fast and with some slow moments in the middle to raise the tension. I also like some of the special effects and stop-motions which look pretty cool. With comedies mixed in some of the actions, it made some pretty impactful and genuinely hilarious scenes. Characters are very unique, and they even have their backstory revealed, and they all have different personalities that are in contrast with one another, it’s just a pity they can’t be made more different in appearance. Finally, the music soundtracks are very epic, which actually fits the atmosphere and the comedic theme.




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