Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) Film Mini Review

Man oh man! One of the biggest, most popular and badass Marvel series is making a return to the big screen after 3 years of absence. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is the sequel to the first movie and seems to plan to mark its return with a bang! Now, I have always been skeptical of a sequel, as they tend to be lower in quality than its predecessor, and worry that this film might be the same. We will see whether my worry would be proven to be true…or perhaps I would get blown away instead? Read on below to discover the answer!

The basic story continues off the adventure of the Guardians of the Galaxy tries to help to defend powerful rare batteries from an alien beast in the Sovereign planet. When everything seems to go well, Rocket steals a few batteries and they are now being hunted by their employer themselves. Along the way, Peter is discovered by his dad, who is a Celestial being, and they reunite. However, unknown to them are the appearance of true danger that they do not immediately expect, of which it will destroy the whole galaxy. Will the Guardians able to save the galaxy this time?

There’s one reason which I love the Guardian series, and that is the excellent blend of humour, action, and awesomeness into one thrilling ride. The narrative is nothing spectacular and truthfully, full of typical superhero movie cliche. There are some twists along the way but they are not totally unexpected or contain deep twist at the end. Pacing though is one of the best I have ever seen. The movie is around two hours long, but to me, time just passes so fast while I was watching it. This is a rare feat as there are not many films that can keep me engrosses continuously over this long period, so a great applause to this film for achieving it!

Characters are perhaps the best I have seen from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. There are so many characters that are so full of personality in this film. Each of the characters is unique, has their own style of humour and their interactions with one another are top-notch. The comedic moments are genuinely hilarious and do not seem forced, and they manage to maintain the humour throughout the film as well, and even mixing them in some serious scenes. Love it! Music soundtracks are quite typical of Hollywood style with orchestra suspenseful and badassness that fits the atmosphere and the Guardian’s series. The inclusion of some country songs creates a great contrast which aims to display Peter’s human side as well in this chaotic galactic world.


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