I think I love you (2017) Short Film Mini Review

I think I love you is a short animation film that is created by Xiya Lan and with music composed by Karen Tanaka. This is the final film project that they did in California Institute of the Arts. The film was released on Vimeo and has gotten thousands of views and Controller Company is here to check out its quality, and whether it is truly any good. Without further ado, read on below to find the results!

Original Video link: https://vimeo.com/214413623

The short film is unique in that it has no obvious storyline, but rather employs a series of short stories/events to tell a bigger picture. It mostly deals with the theme of love and its different usage and forms among the people. With love being an existence that is part of us all, what would this film reveal to reflect it upon ourselves?

First of all, I love the hand drawn simplistic art style that is pleasing to the eye and does not depend on awesome graphics. The characters are cutely drawn and the animation, though somewhat rough, is actually pretty smooth overall and gives an earthy feel to it. The narrative employs many short events to tell us a short story, which then brilliantly combined to show us a bigger picture. Some of the stories are very relatable and have probably happened to you or anyone that you know. By using a simple figurative sense of love and showing it in different forms, this film successfully captures the strength and weakness of humans’ love, where it can be brittle(one-sided love etc) and yet strong(parents love etc) in some scenarios. Pacing is great until the middle-end part where it seems to drag a bit too long. Music soundtracks are excellent and fitting, which employ similarly simplistic sound and dialogues with classical music near the middle-end for the climax.


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