Love: The Original Way (2016) Short Film Mini Review

Love: The Original Way is a short romantic comedy drama film that is directed and written by Hassan L. Moorre and produced by Keldamuzik. It is one of the films executively produced by Digz Media Group. With so many short films that contain the same themes, Love: The Original Way does not seem to stand out in terms of its narrative. However, perhaps it has something up its sleeves to make up for the story style? Read on to find out if this is worth your time to watch!

Original link is not opened to public, but here’s the trailer:

The basic premise is regarding Sissy, a recovering alcoholic that is striving to find meanings in life. She has tried to go for rehab and tries her hand at online dating with the encouragement of her two friends. Could she find love in the end when her life itself is a mess?

Now, the story itself if not really the most original, as there are plenty of other films with the similar story. What Love: TOW does different, though, is mixed it with some comedic scenes that work in its favour. It is still a pretty simple story that will surprise you much with any twists and is pretty predictable when it is near the ending. However, though it’s a pretty cliche story, it executes them well and is still enjoyable. Characters are pretty varied as well, with their interactions being the central source of comedy. The protagonist is not one-dimensional and has her own personalities showing quite strongly throughout the film. With that said, she does not really display any forms of alcoholism problems and seems pretty normal. Other characters could be pretty shallow and I think there is perhaps too many characters for this 7.45 mins short film. Pacing is actually great, with none of the boring moments as the story flows fast from one event to another. Music choices are good as they fit the story and also create appropriate atmosphere and mood for the film.


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