The Boss Baby (2017) Film Mini Review

The Boss Baby is an American 3D animated comedy film that is based on a book by the same name by Marla Frazee. It is directed by Tom McGrath, who has directed the Madagacar series and so has plenty of experience as an animation film director. The film’s voice actors are pretty well known as well, including the likes of Alec Baldwin and Tobey Maguire and some other less known one such as Miles Christopher Bakshi. Though, this does not guarantee that it would be a great film, so we are here to find out its true quality. Read on below!

The basic premise is about the existence of BabyCorp, who creates Babies and spread them around the world. Timothy, an only child, is blessed with his parents’ love…until a baby, aka Boss Baby, arrives at his doorstep. The two become rivals for the parents’ attention, and Tim vow to get rid of Boss Baby. However, Boss Baby has a mission to accomplish before he is forced to ‘retire’, aka becoming Tim’s brother eternally. With time running out, both of them have to find ways to mend their relationship and confront the true enemy of both the BabyCorp and also to their parents. Could they succeed in time?

First of all, this movie is aimed at kids, but somehow it appeals to teenagers as well as adults. I just love the story, which is a simple tale and without any big twists at the end, which appeals to the targeted audience. One of the things that impressed me is actually the comedic scenes, which are genuinely funny, and simple enough to understand for most audiences. It clearly shows the skill of the director in balancing the humour with actions and also making sure it’s understood by the masses. Pacing is nothing short of excellence, with me being engrossed with the story flow from beginning till the end. There are none of those boring moments, and there are plenty of hilarious scenes or action sequences at appropriate times.

Characters are also designed to be unique, with many of them sporting different personalities and clothing styles. You can easily tell apart most of the important characters apart and also enjoy the interactions and relations between them. It’s just a pity that the antagonist is not as memorable. Music soundtracks are pretty cliche but are great, catchy and awesome! It just fits the lively visuals with the colourful animation. What’s more, some of the great ones are created by the legendary Hans Zimmer himself! Truly marvellous! Lastly, the movie reminds me of my childhood days with its imaginative approach to otherwise common scenes. It also serves to bolster the relationship of those with siblings, and of course, to let adults get back to their younger side for this 1.5 hour.



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