I Should Have Run (2016) Short Film Mini Review

I Should Have Run is a short film directed by Gabriela Staniszewska with a very small budget of £200. It is a horror film that different from typical ones you see in cinemas. The director describes the film as being inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, so the style of horror is pretty unique and simple. But will this make this short film a good horror? Read on to discover it!

Original Video link: https://vimeo.com/164917513

The premise is pretty simple, it is about an unnamed woman walking along through a deserted park. Halfway, she encounters something inexplicable, and her actions will decide her fate. Would she have chosen the correct decision to live? Or perhaps it leads to something worse than death?

The film premise is very simple, and the whole film is shot in the same location. Its horror style does not depend on jump scares that is so atypical in the horror genre. What it does employ is the sense of unknown dread from things that you can’t see on screen. The film hides the source of fear deliberately, and in a corner of common objects. Pacing is made slow and fast, with interjections of narration by the woman, who technically doesn’t speak a word or scream for the entire movie. There is only one character shown, with her background not being told, but her actions create a sense of reaction that dictates the theme of the film. Perhaps this is where the inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe comes from, especially when human is faced with fear, your decision making is screwed. Music and soundtracks are played briefly and subtly, except near the end, and they fit the story. Though, it could use a more impactful sound designs to make a more dreadful scene horrific.


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