Alike (2016) Short Film Mini Review

Alike is an animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez. It is shown in Spanish film festival and has garnered over 2 million views on Youtube. The contents have no dialogues at all, so the target audience is pretty universal. Without further ado, let’s review this short film!

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The basic premise is a simple tale of father and son living in a monotonous society that does not value creativity. Father and son have to live according to the society’s expectation, but this causes their relationship to get worse. Could they be able to find a way to restore their love for each other and for themselves?

I like how the film employs simple character designs and also simple world designs. There are not much colours or some complicated action sequences or mind-blowing graphic in the film. The characters themselves are only of one colour each, while they mostly do simple actions. Story-wise, it’s pretty basic as well and could be slightly cliche in terms of content. However, the execution of the cliche story is pretty well done, but not original. Facial animations are the priority for the animators and this helps to achieve the feelings they want to invoke on the audiences. Also, the absence of dialogues helps to tell the story through body languages and colours, which could be understood by anyone. Though, the story is not of the typical society vs individual but regarding more of father son’s relationship and how they affect each other indirectly, which is a pretty refreshing theme.


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