Requested Review: Potato

Our first requested review comes from Sean Chew, who wants Controller Company to review his favorite food: Potato. Requested review gets its own category in the main menu if the content does not fit any other available review menu. Controller Company strives to give a fair review to whatever it is requested to review, provided that it’s legal of course. Without further ado, let’s begin our first requested review Potato!


Potato is perhaps one of the most magical existence ever. It is a type of plant that is divided into multiple species with most of them being starchy and tuberous crops. Humans have eaten them for centuries, and they can be cooked in multiple ways to satisfy your hungry craving, from breakfast to supper.

Imagine a simple potato, with an appearance that will not make you impressed at first sight. Now, imagine that it turns into the all famous french fries, or the British chips, or the thicker wedges or even the jacket potato! Not only that, now you have the tots, together with hash browns freshly deep fried right in front of you, and then you take a bite. For me, I am pretty impressed at its versatility.




Aside from its obvious human’s usage in our daily lives, potato also serves another purpose in the online world. It is considered to be one of the most popular memes of all time and its usage in trolling has been phenomenal. As of  April 2017, this meme is still pretty relevant and can be seen in most social media posts or forums.


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