Power Rangers (2017) Film Mini Review

Power Rangers is a reboot with an entirely new cast in the Power Rangers series. This time, it is famous for being the first blockbuster superhero film that features autistic and queer superheroes. With some of the cast being relatively unknown but with the name of the movie being such a nostalgic one, could this movie actually brings back Power Ranger awesomeness from our childhood era to its deserved glory? Follow me below as I review them from a fan’s and also normal audience’s perspective!

The basic premise is about the existence of Power Rangers that are tasked to protect Earth and the Zeo crystals. One of the earliest Green Ranger, Rita, betrayed the team and Zordon, the Leader, gave a suicide order that killed all of them together with the dinosaurs and left the Power Coins hidden deep underground. Fast forward to the present time, Jason, a football star, is placed under a house arrest due to his prank, and in his new detention classroom, he meets new friends who each have their own quirkiness. One day, his autistic friend, Billy, brings him to a mine for a discovery. There, he meets other people from his classroom and they accidentally discover the Power Coins. As they start to learn about the new power granted to them, Rita has managed to revive herself and the new Power Rangers have to train themselves before it’s too late. Will they ever be able to morph when their relationship is not even at its best level?

Alright, let’s get this straight, this movie is just decent coming from a general audience’s perspective. The pacing is too rushed throughout the film, right from the beginning till the end. You feel that they try to put in so many backstories and reasons for the teenagers to take the helm of Power Rangers. There are hardly any revelations of the 5 characters’ background and reason to save the world. It’s as if the movie is directed with kids in mind, who only cares about the cool action sequences and much less about the story and characters growth. Seriously, this film is also full of cliche scenes, where the antagonist is pretty laughable and doesn’t seem strong at all. The CGI can be quite cheap-looking, while the narrative is predictable and some portions of the film become very boring. Worse, even the dialogues are so cliche and very ‘captain obvious’ -esque.

However, coming from a fan’s perspective, the nostalgia kicks in a bit to help smother the bad points. This film needs to be watched from a kid’s mindset perspective, so just imagine you are back into your younger self when you watched those Power Ranger episodes on the TV channel. With this, the Power Rangers actually looks like the movie version of that episode, and when the Zords and especially Megazords appear, you can’t help but scream inside with excitement. It’s as if your childhood show has been given a new lease of life that matches itself with the modernity of the world. The ‘Go GO Power Ranger’ soundtrack is probably the most impactful in the movie, that blasts off all those nostalgias and transform you back into a kid decades ago.


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