Cargo (2013) Short Film Mini Review

Cargo is a short film that is one of the finalists in Tropfest Australia 2013. It is directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke and produced together with Marcus Newman andDaniel Foeldes. It contains story that involves zombie, which has been a very common and overused theme in recent movies. Could this movie actually pull off something different or would it go the way of cliche-ness? Let’s find out!

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The basic premise is about a Dad who is infected by his zombie wife during a zombie apocalypse where they experienced a car crash beforehand. With his young toddler being the only one non-affected, he strives to find ways to bring her to safety somewhere, even when his infection begins to set in slowly.

Firstly, this is perhaps one of the best stories about zombies I have ever seen. Love and zombies are usually the kinds that are Hollywood Romances and hardly about family love. Cargo actually creates a compelling film with a simple narrative based on this theme. All of the films just details how he uses many methods to make sure he does not hurt her daughter and brings her to safety even after he becomes a zombie. What I love is how the film’s absence of dialogue, and instead focuses on the actions and emotions of the characters. All of these allow us to get immerse in the world where humans are dying but yet an unspoken love remains between the father and daughter. Pacing is great and the soundtracks are suitable for the atmosphere as well.


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