Sushi Samba Restaurant London (Limited Review)

Sushi Samba is a high chain sushi fusion restaurant that is located on the 38th and 39th floor of 110 Bishopsgate, which is a tall tower with fast lifts that will amaze you with a beautiful view of the whole Central London. It has a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines that allow them to experiment and provide twists to common Japanese dishes. It has a fairly big space with some outdoor seats but we sit inside, which is pretty cool with a smart interior design. Dawn, Vivian and I came in at around 4pm, and oh yeah, you will need to make a booking as it’s always busy during normal meal times. This would be our first time and now we are gonna see if this chain is worth the praises it garnered over the years. We could not order lots of dishes as this was more of a tea-time meal for us.

(this review is a Limited review—means I/we have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I/we visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Sushi Samba and we paid for our meals out of our own pockets)


Service Quality

Service was fast and the staff was pretty friendly. We were introduced to the way things work around here and were given time and even some recommendations for our first-time food. Everything was served fast as well, but we came in at later times so the place was not too busy. In any case, their service was excellent and no cons could be noticed.


Food Quality

The first food that we ordered is the Fusion Sushi, which is pictured on this post’s cover page. It consists of four different sushis that come in a pair each. Each of the sushi is a twist on traditional sushi forms. They come in different colours as well, and the main seafood used are salmon, tuna, swordfish and sweet prawn. They taste great and gives a refreshing taste to an otherwise normal sushi concept. I’m not sure what’s the ingredient used to wrap the sushi together and they come in red and green (they are not nori).



Next is a more traditional sashimi set with some more vegetables and seaweed hidden behind the leaf. And Damn…this is actually pretty disappointing. It’s like they manage to create great fusion food, but they fail in the traditional version, what an irony. Anyway, the sashimi is not as fresh as we expected. The salmon, especially, seemed to have gone dry from being left in the open for some time. On the bright side, the tuna was only decent and the seaweed was actually pretty great and fresh tasting. Though, Dawn did mention that it actually tasted decent to her, so I guess this is pretty subjective.



Finally, due to our stomach getting full from our earlier afternoon meal, we decided to have our last food based on another of the staff’s recommendation. This is yet another fusion but it’s perhaps one of the best I have ever tried. It’s a combination of fried garlic that is then added on the smoked salmon on rice with some special cheesy sauce on top. Dayum! This really almost blew my mind, and the other two girls agreed as well. Definitely order this when you are here!



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