Tschick (2016) Film Mini Review

Right as I have begun to watch films from the Spanish side, this film crept out of nowhere in the recommended list. So, to be honest, I have not known of this movie at all and only got interested in it for its short length (as I only have so much time left tonight). Tschick is a German movie that features German actors of mixed ethnicity. It is a relatively less known movie that has been released in Deutschland. Now, it’s time to delve into this unknown movie that I have not intended to watch to see if it’s really good!

The basic premise is about Maik, a child from middle-class that is not very popular in school with alcoholic mother and Andrey, a Russian-German that has just transferred to Maik’s school and sits beside him. At first, their relationship is patchy, as Maik hates Andrey as he looks weird and does not fit the norm. One day, Maik’s father goes for a trip to have an affair and his mom is sent to a rehabilitation clinic. Andrey appears with a stolen car and then they decide to go on a trip to Wallachia to see Andrey’s grandfather. Along the way, the two boys will encounter many situations that lead to them discovering something new each day.

Man, this film is almost a typical road-trip drama that can be a bit predictable in terms of its plot. Honestly, the story itself is pretty simple and quite cliche as well. However, what sets it apart is the relationship between the two boys, whose friendship grows from worst to great during the journey. They are driving illegally at such a young age, and their mindsets of the world are different compared to similar movies that feature older actors. There are essences of discovery and innocence in this film, where though there is nudity shown, there are practically none of those sexual scenes like in American movies. The film knows what it wants, and that is to present a tale of two young boys going on a journey, and that’s it, no other unnecessary distractions are added in the plot.

The actors are both well casted, with their acting pretty fitting their roles in the film. Also, with different ethnicity presented, it proves to create interesting conversations and events as both have different mindsets and stem from non-similar cultures. Though the narrative is pretty simple adventure type, there is a surprisingly deep aspect near the ending that is hardly tackled by other road-trip drama films. I won’t spoil any of it, but it’s safe to say that this film can be deeper than what it looks on the surface. The only bad things about this film are its other aspects such as story plot and music are quite predictable, with pacing being an issue in the middle portion.



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