Logan (2017) Film Mini Review

17 years…it has been that long since the first appearance of Wolverine from the X-Men franchise that begins almost two decades ago. Although he is a mutant, his body still ages like a normal human. This film tells his final tale of an older Wolverine and Professor Charles that are way past their prime, with old age becoming a real threat to their lives and power going berserk. Let’s read on t0 see if this final Wolverine film is able to put a finale to the famous character in a memorable and impactful fashion.

The basic premise is about Logan and Professor Charles already reaching old age and with the latter started to undergo seizure and going berserk. Logan is no better, as his healing factor has died down and he is really becoming much weaker compared to his younger days. One day, he receives a distressed plea by a Mexican woman who wants him to drive her and her daughter, Laura, to the North Dakota to escape from being hunted by an organisation which creates mutant. Along the way, Logan has to protect the girl and Charles from danger, but with his own strength much weaker than his prime time, will he be able to save themselves from the evil guys?

Well, I must say that I am surprised that this film is perhaps one of the darkest in the X-Men franchise. It’s so different from the other X-Men films or even the Wolverine series. Instead of seeing a cool and badass Logan, we now see a middle-aged man who is working as a chauffeur and with his health deteriorating. It hits us with the reality that our favourite hero also ages with time and that he becomes a shadow of his former self. Even his will to live is diminishing with time. Such weakness is enforced through the introduction of an equally fragile Professor Charles, who is now just an old man who suffers from the occasional seizure that is able to kill everyone in his surrounding.

The film tries to create a dark atmosphere that shows life is slowly seeping out from the two once-powerful mutants, and reduce them to such a state. In this case, they really manage to capture those moments of frailness, especially with Logan’s wounds refusing to heal up as fast, or even at all, and that Professor Charles is useless unless being taken care of by Logan. However, it also introduces a small hope, that a new generation of mutants are taking over the limelight, and it’s time we let the heroes of our time go. It depicts realism of the limited life of humans and mutants alike. Our new heroine, Laura, is really cool and though still not as strong and impactful as Logan, it is only a matter of time and introduces the series with some strong young sprouts that are ready to grow even more powerful. There are some pretty cool actions, but this is not for those who wants to watch action movies. The antagonists are not very memorable, except for X-24, who I think is a pretty cool introduction, but gaining just too little screen time.


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Anthony L Tjandra

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