Jackie (2016) Film Mini Review

Jackie is a movie that is biographical in nature, as it details the life that she went through after her husband’s death. With Natalie Portman helming the famous First Lady’s role, and with the historical accuracy at stake, will this film able to pull it off? Let’s read on to find out!

The basic premise is Jackie retelling her own story to a journalist that visits her house in order to publish a sensational story for the American who has just lost their president. It starts off right from before President Kennedy is assassinated to the aftermath. We are shown how things unfurl from her own perspective and how she keeps her dignity as First Lady till the end.

Deception or the truth, as how the First Lady Jackie is required to maintain her composure, while dealing with the loss of her husband and their children becoming fatherless. First of all, Natalie portrays her pretty well with a wide range of natural expression and forced emotion when on and off screen. This is especially evident when we are shown vintage reels from the time Jackie is introducing the White House in a TV show. She is forced to smile, and then the story immediately transitions into sadness when she remembers flashback from the assassination period.

The whole film revolves around her memories, flashbacks and thoughts on the incident. She possesses the will to create a suitable funeral for her husband, and her love for him and the children allows her to create unconventional decisions, like when she allowed her children to parade in the open during the marching off ceremony. The film takes a subtle approach at one time then turns into a dramatic one at other time. It aims to balance the views and controls the pacing, which can be a tad slow in the beginning and the middle, which then cuts between chaotic and silent moments.




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Anthony L Tjandra

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