Unbreakable (2000) Film Mini Review

After watching Split, M Night Shyamalan’s 2016 offering, one has to wonder how it ties up to his other older film that was released way back in 2000. It is thematic prequel, featuring characters that are complex with a certain theme. Unbreakable is deemed to be a rather unusual superhero film, that is very unlike the current Marvel’s or DC’s offerings. Let’s take a look at what makes it different!

The basic premise is regarding David Dunn, a security guard who has just survived a train accident without any single injuries. He receives a letter from a man named Elijah, who makes him realise that he has never been injured or sick in his entire life. Though still sceptical about his superpower, he begins to experience some super abilities such as future instinct, which allows him to predict the future actions of bad guys. However, will he be able to brace his power in time to save the world?

Unbreakable is a very different superhero movie in the sense that it portrays realism and also deeper philosophical thinking behind the classic good vs evil. Our main character, David, does not know he has power, and neither does he feel proud of boast about it. His power is never explained and doesnt have much  back story. In this case, he makes an intriguing character that comes from the perspective of an ordinary human reluctantly becoming a hidden hero.

The same goes for the villain, even though the real villain is unlike other superhero’s villains. They both have certain thinkings and mindset which makes sense when explained, but they veer into different direction. No one is equally good or bad, and either have a reason on becoming what they are becoming. The characters are well acted by the actors, with both of them fitting very well into the dark narrative and atmosphere. Some of the pacing can be a bit slow in the middle portion but overall they are great. Those looking for fighting scenes are going to be disappointed, as this film is more narrative based.  There are good soundtracks in between, but some are quite forgettable. It’s one of Night Shyamalan’s best unique offerings.


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Anthony L Tjandra

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