My Annoying Brother [Hyeong] (2016) Film Mini Review

And now comes another Korean movie that was released back in 2016 that has garnered many views since its release. The film stars Jo Jung-suk, Do Kyung-soo and Park Shin-hye. It can be considered to be a semi-independent film that has surprising results with the audience. Without further ado, let’s get down to the review.

The basic premise is regarding the national judo aspiring star Doo Young, who becomes blind after an accident. His brother Doo Shik, a swinder who was in jail, made use of his Doo Young’s disability to get a parole. At first, both brothers do not get along well. Though, through a series of events their relationship begins to improve, but Doo Shik later discovers he has terminal cancer and decided to help Doo Young fulfils his dream. Would the brothers be able to realise Doo Young’s dream before time is up?

The story is really quite cliche and predictable. It’s formula is commonly seen among similar movie of such theme in many Asia’s films. However, what sets this apart is the performance of Jo Jung Suk and Do Kyung Soo. They are able to act out estranged brother who have awkward relationship but yet it is comedic to the audience. Some of the acting are quite exaggerated, but it fits the genre and atmosphere and are genuinely funny. The script is not the tightest or the best quality, it does its job and is helped with the wonderful delivery by the actors.

It is a simple film that explores brotherly love and contains the usual touching scene at the end. With that said, it is still an enjoyable film for Korean film fans and those that like such genre. It is also full of Korean quirkiness that makes this different from those offerings from China, Hong Kong or Japan.


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