The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Film Mini Review

It’s a film that has the common theme of coming-of-age that has been so prevalent in many movies nowadays. Usually, they are a bit of a hit and miss, relying on typical cliches that drive me bored when you seen them too many times. The Edge of Seventeen, at first, seems to contain every of those cliches from its premise to its characters. However, as always, we won’t judge too fast and now it’s time to see whether it is different from the pack!

The basic premise is about Nadine, who is pretty anti-social and finally made a true BFF Krista. However, their friendship starts to break when Krista is in relationship with her brother. With this, it begins the domino effect of her trying to find herself in the world, where almost everyone seems to dislike her including her family. Will she be able to mend her relationships with them before it’s too late?

Wow! I have to say that I am surprised that I actually really enjoy the film. The great performance by Hailee creates a relatable, realistic and funnily quirky character Nadine. She is absolutely delivering her lines and making Nadine such a an-social girl that tries hard to fit into the crowd. Her emotions, expressions and body languages are so convincing in portraying Nadine’s anguish, sadness and confusedness. This film is almost single handedly saved by Hailee’s skilful acting. With that said, the other characters, though is within cliche stereotypes, still become interesting with their awkward relationship with Nadine, and thus prevents the film from becoming a borefest.

The script is smartly written too. Many of the jokes and hilarious moments are genuinely funny just due to it’s relevance and also due to Hailee’s acting. The delivering of her lines just fits with the situation and atmosphere. It’s also looks realistic and not scripted at all. I love many of the up-and-downs moments that the character goes through and none of it is boring or makes me disinterested. The pacing is really good and the story, though not very original, is still enjoyable to watch. In the end, there are still touching but subtle moments that are very relatable to us.



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Anthony L Tjandra

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