The Wall that traps Oneself

Trump has begun to fulfil his promise for keeping out immigrants and refugees by signing a ban that prohibits them from entering from 7 different countries. All of these countries are mostly Muslim majority ones, and Trump has decided to start from them. Of course, one could tell that he does not dare to do the same to other richer Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey, perhaps due to some “hidden” business deals.

What has become a wall that forms around a country that represents Freedom? It is a wall that begins to form with the sacrifice of its own dream and ambition. Slowly but surely, bricks are laid down and we are already beginning to see the first layer forming. What one can see would soon be blocked by the wall itself, signifying a much greater problem within.

Is it fear? Is it hate? Is it something else entirely? Though, we must remember, for he has been chosen by a great many silent majority that shares such irrationality. A country divided is a country that creates wall within itself, like the WW2 Germany, for example. Let’s just imagine that in 4 years time, more of such walls could be built around other factors: racially, religiously, economically and philosophically. A domino chain effect will begin to tumble and things will become the fuel to the much dangerous hidden flame.

Flames of immense hatred and power, that would soon consume itself and leaving charred grounds and dust. How ironic it is that the very walls that aim to keep out others become the very trap that suffocates oneself. There is, however, still lies some hope in the people. They are those that is pushing back the falling domino pieces, those that destroying the layers of bricks and those that aims to create a small opening to let in fresh and necessary air to a sealed room. For the numerous unknown heroes that stood up against the powerful self-consuming flame, know that you are never alone in this mission.

We are the ones that would have to break the walls; for we are the main bricks that are being regulated to be laid on such walls. If the bricks refuse to cooperate, so would the wall be non-existent. Although some of the bricks have given up due to various factors, we just need to ensure there is at least one brick to rebel; even if the hole is small, it would eventually crack. Now, it’s time for the World to witness the Opening of Hope in those cracks. Stand up and start breaking it all down one by one!


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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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