The Ivy Clifton Brasserie Restaurant Bristol (Limited Review)

It’s located slightly away from the Bristol Centre and is located nearer to the famous Clifton Bridge. Housed inside a beautiful old building, it’s a tough call to notice it while walking past. However, upon stepping inside, you will be greeted with classic French-English fusion architecture and interior design. With high ceiling, candle lights and wall full of artistic pictures, the ambience and atmosphere is grand. So Dawn, her mum(Aunty Jane) and I visited this restaurant after booking an appointment with it at 6pm on a wet Saturday, and it’s full of people that turns this place into a sophisticated lively dining place.

(this review is a Limited review—means I/we have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I/we visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Ivy’s and Dawn’s Mum(Aunty Jane) paid for the meals out of her own pocket, thank you Aunty Jane!

(picture can be blurred or dark a bit due to the use of phone camera and the candle-light dinner setting, they were taken with iPhone 7 by Dawn)


Service Quality

The staffs are excellent and is quick to give us the menu and taking our orders swiftly and promptly without getting anything wrong. I guess this is more of a higher class restaurant, so courses are paced accordingly with them serving the bread, starters and the main at appropriate times. Though, probably because we all ordered 3 heavy meat dishes, the main dishes took a bit longer time to arrive. Otherwise, everything else is great.


Food Quality


We ordered two starters, one of them is a Chicken liver parfait, which is a French dish that is eaten with a sour-sweet jam and chicken paste alike. The bread given are crunchy and with marvellous texture, giving each serving a satisfying bite. With the chicken liver parfait and the jam spread over the bread, it turns into a wonderful flavour that harmoniously dance around the tongue. The taste of different textures and flavours do not try to counter or overpower one another, but instead creates a delicious fusion that makes this a great starter.



The other starter is Atlantic Sea Scallop that is spiced with some truffle-infused potato puree. Aunty Jane could taste the truffle immediately and said that the scallop is fresh. It is filled with the flavour of the sea purely, as she describes it vividly. Dawn herself could not handle the freshness too well, and also is unable to taste out the truffle. She said the smell is quite strong but enjoyed the potato puree. As for me, I could only taste the weak-medium flavour of the truffle and the freshness of the scallop. It’s not bad per say, but it does not have an impactful flavour, though as a starter, it does its best for not coming on too strong to the palette.

Next comes the main courses, which is accompanied by a Bordeaux red wine Year 2013. We each ordered a different variations of meat dishes. For the first one, we have Dawn’s Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder (which is on the cover page of this post above) It is a dish that comprises of creamed potato and lamb meat with mustard and other spices. When I first tasted it, the spiciness of the mustard hit my tongue immediately. Then, the slow cooked lamb meat almost felt like it melts in my mouth with just one bite. It has a pretty raw flavour that is enhanced when eaten with the sauce. I would say it has a pretty unique flavour and texture with the raw spiciness and softness of the meat respectively.



Then we have Dawn’s Mum’s Sirloin Steak, cooked medium. It is accompanied by truffle fries which are excellent, but most of the truffle are concentrated only on the top layers of the fries. The meat is slightly juicy and easy to bite and chew. Dawn’s Mum added more salt and pepper for an extra kick to the flavour. It’s taste is slightly more full-bodied when drunk with the wine together, which gave it a refreshing aftertaste.


meat 2.png

For my main course, I had the Dry Age British Rib Eye on the bone! And DAYUM this is fantastic! The fat on the side melts in the mouth with impactful flavour even without extra salt or pepper. It is a pure form of bliss that surrounds the tongue completely. It is cooked medium so the meat is not hard to chew, but each bite releases more flavour into the mouth. Compared to Aunty Jane’s steak, this is the complete opposite. Whereas the former is subtle yet elegantly delicious, mine is more of a strong and impactful tastiness. This is one of the best steak I ever had this year.



Finally, for the dessert, we had Chocolate Bombe! It is a dessert that comprises of a certain action by the helpful staff which makes it into an artwork. First, the original chocolate dome seals the honeycomb and vanilla ice cream inside. Then, the staff would pour hot caramel sauce onto it and melts away the dome to reveal the hidden sweet goodness. Ahhh, the sweet tooth has activated and the three of us enjoyed the dessert very much. The caramel and vanilla ice cream formed a great combo, and the honeycomb provides the semi-solid texture which goes well with the combo. All in all, it’s a great finale to the meal, though I must mention it can be a tad too sweet for some people.






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