Sherlock Season 4 Ep 3 (2017) Tv-Srs Mini Review

This is the end of Season 4, and is also the 13th Sherlock Episode. It’s been 7 years since the beginning of this acclaimed tv-series. In this episode, it carries off an incredible pressure to keep up or even surpass expectations, as the finale to a season. After the previous two great episodes, can this finale able to pull off the same experience? We will not deduce it, but analyse it instead below. Check it out!

The basic premise is continuing from the previous episode, where Sherlock discovers the existence of his unknown younger sister, Eurus. Apparently, she has been taken away and locked up somewhere remote ever since she was 5 years old due to her era-defining genius. However, it seems that Moriaty has plans for her and for Sherlock as well, which results in dangerous games being played with others’ lives at stake.

This is a truly wonderful episode which really reveals the humanity and emotion that Sherlock has tried to hide. All of the choices he made leads us to believe that he is indeed capable of feeling, as does Mycroft. This episode does not try to feature the intelligence of the characters but, instead, it opens their heart. For a rare time since Moriaty’s death, an individual who possesses greater intelligence than Sherlock appears, which really gets the tension going. Everything is orchestrated well, from the explosive beginning till the touching ending. The character of Eurus is also greatluy contrasted with that of Sherlock.

Furthermore, there are a lot of reveals in this episode that explains Sherlock’s backstory. Some of them seem quite rushed, probably due to the time limit, but still is handled excellently. The production quality is as high as always, with the writing remaining top-notch. This is probably one of the best episodes I have ever seen. It fits to be the finale of Season 4, especially with its such compelling narrative that combines love and brilliant deductions.


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