Black Mirror Season 3 Ep 6 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

This is the last episode of Season 3 of Black Mirror, and is also the longest episode ever at 89 mins instead of the usual 60 mins or less. It seems the creators really want to end the season with a bang! With an extra 28 mins of timeslot available, will this be the best ending to the season? Let’s see what’s in store for us!

The basic premise is there is a new technology called Autonomous Drone Insect (ADI), which is used to replace the virtually extinct bee to tend to the environment. Then, in the forum, there exists a mysterious entity which chooses a person to be killed based on an online forum. Whoever is in the top most hated list will be killed at 5pm each day. Detective Karin and Blue sets to find out the murderer who has been using the new technology before more victims suffer from the consequences.

This episode based itself on a real-life phenomenons, that is of the decline of bee population, the increase of government intrusion into our privacy and the introduction of bio-bots/drones. It is amazing how they manage to combine all of these into one compelling narrative. Everything fits together to give us an impactful beginning and a cliffhanger ending. This is perhaps the first episode of the series that ends in a way that it signals a future sequel of the same story. The characters are kind of cliche but with the narrative already this excellent, the actors spice it up with their good performance on screen.

The pace is greatly controlled with the beginning starting with the first murder pretty abruptly. Then, it starts to introduce more similar cases that will leave more questions for you to answer, even though the answer is pretty obvious. It is the Black Mirror vibe that keeps us entertained and hooked till the end. Though, this time the story is less similar to the usual formula, with it becoming more of a detective story instead, except with the introduction of advanced technology. The CGI effects are really realistic, especially the bees, which give this episode a high production value rating.




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