Sherlock Season 4 Ep 2 (2017) Tv-Srs Mini Review

Episode 2 represented a change or a turning point for the series by introducing twists and new characters. Not only that, it also contains changes to the relationship between John and Sherlock. Their friendship is now on the brink of breaking, but still the Game is continuing. After the previous slightly messier episode, will Episode 2 save the series and improves upon its predecessor? Let’s dig in!

The basic premise is after the death of Mary, John has been suffering from depression and distances himself from Sherlock. Meanwhile, Sherlock accepts a case that leads him to a wealthy powerful serial killer, but he himself is suffering from a drug addiction. While neither of them are at their top form, can the case be solved in time? Also, a new character is introduced…a surprising one.

How much has changed since the inception of Sherlock series right from the first season. Now, John is a widower and his perspective on life changes dramatically from before, when he was always eager to go solve a case. Sherlock undergoes another radical transformation, for his addiction to drugs has proved to be worrying. The Detective duo lost much of the coolness and the limelight of the previous seasons. Furthermore, the series takes a much darker turn as each death results in dire consequences. However, what I like is throughput this episode, a small ‘hope’ is planted in our head for the heroes to once again solve the case.

It lets us see that the duo, and particularly Sherlock, are humans themselves. They can feel the frustration, depression and in need of a someone to help them along the way. I love the way they humanise the characters, resulting in me in seeing Sherlock in a different light. Our favourite detective has always managed to keep his cool, but with his dire situation, even he admits he is not devoid of any emotions. Also, the twists introduced are cleverly hidden till its eventual reveal in the end.



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