Sherlock Season 4 Ep 1 (2017) Tv-Srs Mini Review

Season 4, it’s been 3 years since the last season that ends in a sort of climatic cliffhanger that signals the return of Moriaty – “Did you miss me?” Although it’s technically a continuation from Special Episode The Abominable Brides, but that episode is considered a spin-off due to the story not really connecting to this episode. So with the brilliant Special Episode which sets the Sherlock series going for this year, could Episode 1 be the one to improve upon it? Let’s find out, shall we!

The basic premise is regarding Mary, John’s ex-agent wife who has to face her past when her team was betrayed by a mysterious entity. One of her friends managed to survive and is now seeking revenge on her. Sherlock also has to link this case with the reappearance of Moriaty’s ‘Game’. Could he do it all in time before a death occurs?

I have to admit that this episode seems to try to tell multiple storylines within the time constraint. As a result, it does not manage to create a very outstanding narrative that stands out like previous episode, where only a single case was being solved at a time. Also, lots of the narratives link back to previous episodes from previous seasons that are 3 years old, so audience will have a hard time remembering them. In the end, although it manages to retain the Sherlock vibe and production value, it fails to tell a compelling story, except when it almost reaches the ending.

To be fair, I really like this episode as it also features turning points for John. This is the part where Sherlock and his most trusted aide’s relationship is tested against the reality of the situation that occurred. There are more actions and darker turns along the storyline that gives the audience the necessary curiosity. Finally, it is still a wonderful Sherlock Episode, but one with more flaw than its predecessors.


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