Sherlock Special Episode (2016) Tv- Srs Mini Review

Sherlock Special Episode is a technically a spin-off, a prequel to Season 4 and a sequel to the last episode of Season 3. Although it is broadcasted on BBC One, it has also received exclusive screening in cinemas, which makes it a stand-out episode that acts like a movie in its narrative. Sherlock has been a tv-series with one of the best production value I have ever seen, and this special episode will have to do better than its predecessors to stand out. Question is…is it? Let’s find out!

The basic premise is based on an alternate timeline back to Victorian England in the 19th century. They feature the same characters but in different outfits, with Sherlock and John still operating from 221B Baker Street. In this timeline, they are facing a new case that concerns about a ghost bride who has started on a killing spree. Can they solve the case before its too late?

Dayum! The change in the setting and time era really gives the Sherlock series a refreshing change. It makes the series a much closer resemblance to the original story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of which the original story happens in similar setting and time period. I love how they transform the modern Sherlock to the famous version that is found in book, with his pipe and hat fitting more than ever as compared to the modern setting. With everything looking properly Victorian English, it gives the characters an interesting transformation that allows us to see them in a new light.

The story is nearer to a horror story of ghost murder which I have always been fond to explore. This episode does not disappoint in keeping me tensed and also curious till the end of the series. What’s particularly worthy of mention is the seamless transition from the past to the future, which further complicates but adds elements of mystery and excitement. The changes to the music theme to fit the Victorian setting deserves another mention, as now it has become a particularly worthy spin-off the famous Sherlock series.


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