Passengers (2016) Film Mini Review

Passengers is a sci-fi romance film that features star-studded casts such as Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. With this in mind, there is high hope riding this film to make it into a successful blockbuster. Question is…will it be? As we all know that story and other factors will be involved in determining the quality of the film. Without further ado, let’s get down the review.

The basic premise is an engineer Jim is woken up accidentally due to an unknown failure that happens to the starship which is supposed to be bringing 5000 plus passengers to Homestead II, a new planet for them to live due to Earth’s overpopulation. However, he is woken up 90 years early. After 1 year of being alone in the big ship, he decided after some morally conflicting decision, to wake a girl, Aurora up. They start to fall in love…but a bigger danger that is set to destroy the whole ship begins to happen. Could they survive?

It has a pretty interesting story that deals with what makes us humans: Interaction with one another. We can see the time passing as Jim spends most of his time alone before he awakens Aurora. It is to the point of loneliness that Jim and us even begins to treat the android bartender as a human, just because he looks like and can display humans emotions. Loneliness is a type of suffering that is shown clearly in the first half of the film. With the wonderful acting of both Jennifer and Chris, the characters themselves come to life with their own unique traits. However, their relationship can seem slightly artificial and forced, but then with those two being the only human on the plane, it proves the point that we humans desire relationship to continue living.

The film also has great pacing that begins slowly, and making sure we feel the isolation of Jim from other sleeping passengers. As he awakens Aurora, the film increases the pace of weird malfunctions that begins to happen, increasing the necessary tension which is mixed with the intense love between the two characters. It then successfully leads us to the climax. The story contains not much surprising twists and is a really simple story of love, with the sci-fi portion just being the backdrop. Though, the introduction of Gus,a fourth character seems forced and unnecessary. Music wise, it contains some tracks that only seem semi-futuristic, with the orchestra seemingly more suitable middle age European drama film or games like Skyrim. With that said, some of the tracks sounds earthly and organic which is greatly contrasted with the living conditions on the spaceship, this might have been done on purpose and serve a great effect in further alienating the two human characters from the natural world.


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