Black Mirror Season 3 Ep 4 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

It seems like Black Mirror series is experimenting on a more unusual storytelling that has not been seen in the past two seasons. This time, unlike the 3rd Episode, there is a grand technology being introduced, but its so subtle that you only know about it near the end. Take note that this episode contains a lesbian scene. Otherwise, let’s get onto the review!

The basic premise is that there is a virtual world already being developed that allows people to ‘pass on’ into their younger self and live forever. Yorkie, a young woman who is not very sociable enters a club. There, she meets Kelly, a party girl  that is complete opposite of her. They begin to form a relationship that will be tested and also reveals more of their own world and situations.

The pacing is very slow in the beginning. This episode works out like a love story that still retains the Black Mirror vibe but changes it into its own style. To be honest, the first portion is dragged out for too long and boredom start kicking in as it goes past certain parts. Later on, the pacing improves to a much better degree. Acting wise, they are decent and spot on in representing the characters behaviours and body language.

Story wise, its not a bad representation. I like how they show different perspectives of both Kelly and Yorkie in terms of accepting the new virtual world. Sadly, though I enjoy he overall story and there are some scenes that leave a lasting impact, the ending just seems too rushed. I meant that they could at least show a scene on why Kelly decided to do what she did in the end, even after her speech to Yorkie.



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