Happy New Year 2017 : A Reflection

It’s been exactly 3 months since the creation of Controller Company review website blog. It started as a sudden desire to start reviewing stuff around me for fun, then it becomes something like a habit. I began to branch out into other categories like films, games and food(which conveniently is done when going to eat with friends or with their help). Another special mention is our Youtube Channel reviews thanks to the help of several of my friends, to Sean and Alex and others as well!

Controller Company is also branching out to a new category: Short Film Review. This will be set into motion in the first week of January 2017 as a way to share with you guys excellent underrated short films that well deserved to be known more to mass audiences.

Also thanks to the 16 Followers that this site managed to entertain and attract for the past 3 months. Great Thanks to ya fellas!

Have a great new year 2017 and looking forward to a better year too! 😀

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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