Westworld Season 1 Ep 10 (2016) Tv-Srs Mini Review

Westworld is officially ending in this final episode of the season, where you will have to wait for two more years before the next comes out. And what a marvellous episode it is. Now, the story has gone back the loop of the first episode. The following is the review for the current episode and also for the whole series. Let’s continue below!

The basic premise for the final episode is Dolores beginning to discover something much deeper than she thought. Also, Ford reveals a critically important information that surprises Bernard and Dolores. Finally, we also learn of the Mysterious Black Man’s identity and the reason for his goal to find the maze.

What I really like about this finale of season 1 is the way it links back all the way to the first episode. Remembers the part where Dolores is seen talking to someone? That is actually a crucial piece of information that will lead to a revelation. We get to know the Mysterious Black Man’s identity, which is really surprising for me but some of you guys may have already guessed it. It’s the way time goes in a loop, similar to how the hosts and humans live in loop. Next is the explanation of the Maze, which reveals itself but also introduces a deeper maze that will be seen in the next season.

Overall the quality of the show is really high and this is touted as the next Game of Thrones by some. There are many twists and reveals that will hook you from the first episode till the end. Furthermore, each of them is linked to one another in myriads of ways that will leave you bewildered. The ending of the finale is perhaps one of the best ending it could have which acts as both an end and a beginning of the series; like completing a maze yet discovers its going deeper than you think. It leaves a powerful impact that has been carefully prepared since the beginning, just like a new narration that will contains the surprise according to Dr Ford.

Special Mention to the talented actors in their ability to act out their roles very convincingly, either as Hosts or Humans. Each expression that displays ‘consciousness’ or sentience or not is properly acted out. Sometimes you will see the transformation of behaviours and beliefs in some of the characters that is pretty compelling. You will sympathise and hate the same characters overtime, as if we are being lead to do this according to the director’s programming.


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