Westworld Season 1 Ep 9 (2016) Tv-Srs Mini Review

The second last episode of the first Season of Westworld is one hell of a ride to the climax. If the previous is the appetiser, this is now considered to be part of the early main course. What you will be served is something that you will expect or maybe not. Without further ado, let’s delve into the episode breakdown!

What we have is a basic premise that I won’t spoil. So we start to see Maeve taking actions to control as many hosts as possible while making some more sentient. Meanwhile, Dolores manages to uncover a long lost memory that is be connected to the past that proves unsettling. Bernard and Ford have an argument that started when Bernard remembers about his own Host identity after being revealed by Maeve. During that argument, he also discovers something that he has never expected to uncover.

Dayum! There are a couple of unexpected twists and reveals in this episode that makes the previous episodes seem minor in comparison. Some of them are fairly obvious, while others are totally unexpected. I won’t spoil much of these, but suffice to say, you will go “Ahh!” at some points in the episode. What I like is how they pace the reveal one after another in a slower but suspenseful manner. The connections between characters are revealed and we keep switching perspectives to see how they are all linked. Also, this is where Humans reveal their true nature: that we live to dominate others and kill those that we can’t conquer. The piano opening track now proves to be a very crucial aspect of the show, as this episode’s title suggests. You will start to wonder what the piano track does to the hosts in the first place.

A great applause is reserved to the actors performance of Bernard and Dr Ford. Their arguments and conversations reveal very deep thought that makes this shows deeply analytical and philosophical. Perhaps its the combination of Host and Human minds working together…or in this case, perhaps in conflict.

s1e9 r.png

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