A Man and A Woman [Namgwa Yeo] (2016) Film Mini Review

A Man and A Woman[Namgwa Yeo] is a Korean romance movie that stars Gong Yoo, an actor who achieves fame from this year’s Train to Busan, and its filmed in parts of Finland. Namgwa Yeo has a basic plotline that resembles cliche forbidden love often found in Asian Tv dramas or films. So, in order to stand out from the pack, it has to do something different. What has it done that allows it to be different from the rest? Let’s take a look!

The basic plotline is pretty simple: Two strangers meet up by chance in Finland  on a cold winter night have an intimate relationship due to loneliness. Then, as they return to reality and with both already having a family, their love for each other is proving to be more risky. Still, they want to continue and things start turning for the worse along the way.

What strikes me as being unique in this movie is its cinematography and story execution. There are many scenes where each shot is beautifully taken to reflect the atmosphere and surrounding mood. The film lacks the common drama which is often found in other movies of the same plot. What the director is trying to achieve is showing the human natures in its rawest form. Both the man and woman approach their relationship like all of us do in real life. Sometimes, temptations and the need to escape from own family’s issue will cause the same event to happen to us. The relationships and interactions between them is displayed naturally and also emotionally. It is very subtle, yet when you watch it, you can feel the same emotion they experience in your heart.

The film is peaceful as well without much argument or fight scenes. It is to the point of serenity, but it is a cruel one. Just like in real life, as their love become deeper, more problems start appearing. However, the film depicts them in a way through sublime subtlety. A scene can be so quiet with just a few dialogues, yet its atmosphere is fierce and conflicted. You will feel for the characters, as you start to learn about their backstory, perspectives and personal reasons. It is the cruelty of the world, and also of our own morality system which the film tries to depict to us. The pacing of the film can a bit slow in the beginning, then it starts to get better as the time goes. Music is also played in appropriate parts and use a combination of Asian and Western-styles tracks.



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