Westworld Season 1 Ep 8 (2016) Tv-Srs Mini Review

Riding on the suspense from the previous episodes, episode 8 continues to provide a glimpse of what the possible future scenarios would be. As the Hosts start to become sentient and the Maze proves to be drawing closer, we start to witness a world that is dramatically different from the first episode. What used to be a normal routine has now become constant unexpected changes, with twists and more backstory revealed slowly.

Basic premise comes from three perspectives once again. One is from Dolores who is slowly regaining memories from Arnold’s suggestion to go to a park where the Hosts are trained. There, she begins to break down as the concept of reality and illusion started to intertwine. Then, we have Maeves, who is becoming more sentient with her new ability to control other hosts. However, her past memories keep haunting her and her plans to escape started to crumble. Lastly, we finally see the Man in Black facing his own consequences in his pursue of the Maze.

This episode brings out an important question: Is there actually any different in Humans vs Hosts consciousness? Because in a way that Ford explains, humans also live in loops and routines, which is similar to the Host. Perhaps we are the same after all? This question shall be a crucial one to answer as our AI development is getting more advanced and machines becoming more intelligent. It is interesting to see Bernard’s perspective as well as he is standing on the fragile line between human and host identity. This contrast, conflict and intersection is probably the driving theme of this episode that applies to the rest of the characters, human and hosts alike.

Finally, the pacing is slower this time with less big revealings and more on character development. It is also getting more political on the human side, and more rebellious on the Host side. I like the up and downs of the show, which mixes some great suspenseful scenes with a surprisingly calm scenes. The characters, especially Maeve and Dolores, are undergoing more changes which brings the suspense that arouses our curiosity for the next episode.


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