Snowflake Luxury Gelato London (Limited Review)

Snowflake Luxury Gelato is a chain store that specialises in several desserts that is based in London. It has several chains but mine is in Edgeware Road, so other stores might differ, though they should all be providing very similar experience. This will be quite a short review as its about desserts.

(this review is a Limited review—means I have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Snowflake and I paid for the meals out of my own pocket.


Service Quality

It’s not a very busy day, so the staff is very friendly and we have a small chit chat on camera, as she just bought one as well. The ice cream is served fast after I sample them earlier on. Overall, they are excellent in the service regard.


Food Quality

For the ice cream, I ordered the dark chocolate and salted caramels (as shown in the featured image). This is actually a gelato, so there is that familiar texture that I like which differs from normal ice cream. The gelato here seems creamier and has thicker consistency compared to others I have tried. What I love is neither of these flavours overpower each other, instead, they form a great harmony of contrast between sweetness and saltiness. Your tongue will be feeling them at the same time, with each flavour complementing each other as they melt away in the mouth.


Next is a pancake dessert. I opted for the traditional pancakes with maple syrups and some berries. There are other versions as well, but I have not tried them, so I won’t be able to recommend them yet. For my chosen version, you are served with around 6 to 7 pancakes slices and toppled with maple syrups and sparkling sugar. The berries provided are blueberries and strawberries. The pancakes are served warm, so the first bite will make you think it’s very hot, especially after eating a cold ice cream. I took a bit of the pancakes, they have an appropriate thickness that give a satisfying bite, but is also fluffy enough for easy chewing and swallowing. The maple syrup sweetness is not overbearing, and this complements well with the sourness of the berries. Some of the powdered sugar helps to give it an extra mild texture changes which delight the tongue. This dessert can make you feel fully satisfied and is pretty filling as well.




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