Black Mirror Season 3 Ep 1 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

Black Mirror continues onto season 3 and ‘Nosedive’ is the first episode which will mark the start of this season. Will the Black Mirror series be able to retain the production and show quality ever since the very excellent Christmas Special 2 years ago? Let’s take dive into it and find out!

The basic premise is almost similar to several past episodes, where technology has been implanted into society and become part of our lifestyle. In this episode, it features a Rating technology that decides your social class, with 4.5 and above meaning higher class, and those below 3.0 is lower class. Our main character is Lacie Pound, who is obsessed on getting higher scores to mingle with the higher class society. Along the way, she starts to discover what the society has to sacrifice in order to get their desired ratings, and also what she will have to face in this harsh world.

The technology featured in this film is actually already visible in our current world. Imagine Facebook combined with the Uber Ratings, and you can roughly imagine the world becoming such. I like the way this episode shows the simplicity of the issues without exaggerating it in any way. What with Instagram etc being so common and Social Media Ratings becoming increasingly important, we are shown what would possibly be the real future in a few decades. The story starts off slow and introduces us to the technology through Lucie’s everyday lives. It takes its time but does not drag any parts unnecessarily. There are several beats that cleverly transition the story to the next events.

Next, the acting are superb from Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Lucie. She is able to act like someone who tries to hide everything behind a smile. Though, its seem to be a bit forced, but I do not know if its intentional or otherwise. Her expression, choice of words and body language cleverly displays anxiety and stressfulness. This is then greatly contrasted with the ending, which makes a great character development. Sadly, other actors are not given much screen time each and thus their characters are much less developed. Music wise is alright but not memorable. Then, the production value is still as superb, though its not as grand as the previous Christmas special. However, it fits the story.


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