The Heart Within: Our Life Cycle


It’s a cycle through life, be it joy, sadness, dark times or good times, we still keep going through it till now. What is our motivation to survive this harsh world? What is the aim or the end goal for each of us? None is confirmed; and the confirmed may not always happen.

We ride onto life, bracing ourself for impacts along the way. Exhaustion sets in halfway and we need to rest. So we stop by a canal. Around you, there are hardly any light to illuminate your way or surroundings. Perhaps just one more step forward and you might fall into the cold river. So, we stop and observe. It’s quiet. The canal bank, though dark, is projecting serenity.

We sit down on the edge, with our feet dangling dangerously close to the icy flowing water. You can hear small waves of water hitting against the bank walls. As you sit, you start to notice a light appears on the other side of the canal. It’s blurry at first, but soon it becomes clearly visible. The shape resembles something familiar. Perhaps it is the vehicle that you have been using for your current life cycle? It’s shape becomes much more obvious as the lines of light shine brightly in the darkness, providing beautiful contrast in this quiet moment.

Down there below, a reflection slowly forms on the rippling water. It distorts the shape of the light source, slowly and calmly, then a new shape appears. Is that perhaps the Heart that keeps us alive? Is it the Heart that also motivates us through this life cycle; our reason for survival? For love? For adventure? For ourself or for them? The answer is different for each of us. Are you in the process of finding yours too?

We stand up from the bank, having ample rest from this stop and leave. Just before we move on, we take a sneak peek back at the light. For those light are your source of hope; the reminder of your existence and also your own love for yourself and, perhaps, the world. You will eventually reach another similar stop, as we need constant reminder fro  our weary journey.

Go, my friend, let’s cycle till the end of this life with a great smile and embrace what comes ahead!

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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