Bill’s Restaurant Bristol (Limited Review)

Somewhere in Bristol, there lies Bill. Bill is a restaurant that is somewhere along Park Street. It is a cosy diner with pretty great atmosphere and earthly design. It can be fairly packed during dinner, but my friend, Dawn, managed to get a seat and so we will see how Bill’s food actually taste like!

(this review is a Limited review—means I have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Bill’s and I paid for the meals out of my own pocket.

(picture can be blurred a bit due to the use of phone camera, I apologise for the lower quality pictures as my GH4 was out of battery)


Service Quality

The waitress is friendly while asking us about our dining experience each time and offers to add water pretty often. One bad experience we received are that they can sometimes be quite slow in giving what you requested. For example, we had tried asking for a menu from a few people, but after 20 mins, it still won’t come. As the place is not filled with guests, we speculate it could be due to shortage of staffs.


Food Quality

We ordered an appetiser, which is shown in the featured image, a calamari dish with tomato and mayonnaise sauce. It looks quite black up close and not the usual shiny brownish delicious looking fried calamari. We gave it a bite with and without the sauce. First impression: VERY AVERAGE. It is not even crispy and feels quite underwhelming in terms of overall taste. The sauce helps to give it more flavour but could not redeem the texture. You can ignore the calamari when you come here to avoid disappointment.


Next comes the main course. Dawn ordered the Chicken with Caramelised Carrot & Lemon, while I ordered the Steak, Egg and Fries. So, let’s begin with the Chicken. It’s really good! The chicken’s skin has great crispy fried texture that is a combination with charred grilled smell. Its sauce pairs very well with the skin and juicy meat. Meanwhile, the caramelised carrot is soft yet bursting with flavour that balances sourness and sweetness almost perfectly. In a sense, this dish is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, my steak egg fries dish can be explained in two words: absolutely horrible. I will start from the good points, which ironically is only the egg. It’s not bad per se, but when compared with the fries and especially the steak, it becomes delicious. The fries are not that crispy, while some have turned soggy. But let’s say we forgive the fries quality, because we are going to discuss about the worst culprit : The Steak. It is bland, tasteless, thin and not filled with juice at all. Worse, the accompanying sauce makes it taste weird with no sense of deliciousness in taste. I just ate half the steak there as a form of politeness. NEVER order the Steak, Egg and Fries combo. (maybe just order the Egg part)

Finally, for dessert, Dawn ordered the Crumble Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, while I got myself a warm brownie with the same flavoured ice cream. These are great, period. The brownie has got the consistency that melts deliciously in the mouth. It is not too sweet and does not overwhelm the ice cream flavour. If you eat them together, the contrast of warm chocolate and cold vanilla flavour just mix harmonically, giving me a great satisfaction feeling that only happens when you eat great tasting food.

For the crumble, it is filled with nutty flavour mixed with sweet cream, sour apple and the cold ice cream. Again, they are great with the nutty flavour slightly more prominent, but it gives the dish a great texture. Each bite is crunchy, with the sourness from the apple balancing the nut flavour. Definitely get these two desserts if you come here!







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