Food & Night Market : Soul Respite

Imagine walking on a cold night with hunger persisting in your stomach. Then, you see a crowd forming just a few distance away from you. You get curious, then you join them along. It is a Night Market, a once-in-a-year event in your town, and there are food everywhere.

The fragrance of cooked food fills the air and eventually seeps into your nose. Your stomach is growling now, practically forcing you to search your wallet. You are ready to embrace yourself into the atmosphere. The queue may be long, but you have the patience. For the food maybe as delicious as they look, or perhaps, you just want to be immersed in the surroundings. There are warmth in the cold night, both literally and figuratively; you are seeking them relentlessly throughout the day.

Once you receive the food, you try to find a place to sit. One bite from the dish and you produce the most sincere smile. Your tongue is in delight, your stomach satisfied. As you walk around again, you will meet new people or friends who happen to be there as well. Together, you have a blasting fun walking around the shops and stalls. You get yourself a mulled cider; it instantly warms you up from the inside. The Christmas carol is played from the speakers placed all around you. Together, it’s the moment of enjoyment with friends/loved ones and food. There’s not a lot of other experiences that can be compared to this moment of time. You wish time would stop.

But time would keep ticking, and it eventually ends. You go back home. However, you are not sad that it ends. On the contrary, you feel glad and thankful for the experience. For during those priceless time, your soul is in respite.

A respite under a cold night and an  Appreciation till the end of time.

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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