Westworld Season 1 Ep 6 (2016) Tv-Srs Mini Review

Episode 6 is even more of a build-up episode compared to Ep 5. There are just more story layers and much more events happening in deeper level. Westworld used to be about the Wild West theme-park where guests can interact and do whatever they want with the android ‘Hosts’, but now, it has taken a spin in showing, albeit a little teasing, the true nature of the park. And Arnold is also mentioned more frequently, which maybe our link to what’s coming.

This episode focuses on Maeve, who somehow is able to retain her memories and started talking to her engineer Lutz. She seeks to understand her true nature while Lutz helps her out semi-reluctantly. Maeve begins to use her seduction skills to make the engineers increase her intelligence. Meanwhile, Elsie and Bernard discovered more clues regarding a suspected sabotage from within the company. They realised that someone is trying to transmit data, and that two of the suspects are someone we have already met before. Then, Mysterious Black Man travels with Teddy to search for the elusive Maze, with the latter being the key to something greater. The former theorises it will the true essence and purpose of the park.

What I love about this episode is the way the humans are conflicting with one another while the android control them. It is the sense of power from Maeve when she is able to control her engineers to do her bidding. Then, it is also the conflict between Bernard and Dr Ford, then with Theresa that create an interesting perspective to whichever side is the bad or good guys, and that perspective is made blurred by their individual actions. This episode goes fast, and changes character perspective to show just enough information for us to get excited, then leaving us with a satisfied cliffhanger. Actors’ performances are excellent especially for Maeve, as she is able to eke out an acting that seems to be a blend of human and android.




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Anthony L Tjandra

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