Loch Fyne Bristol (Limited Review)

Loch Fyne is an upscale restaurant serving sustainably sourced British meat and seafood. We try out the Bristol branch which is located near the Harbourside. Since today is Tuesday, they are having a special deal with Unlimited Mussels for only £15 (accurate info as of 29/11/206). Also, we have visited this place to try out different dishes, so assuming they still retain the same quality as of 29/11/2016, I will be putting them in the review as well. Let’s check out if this restaurant really is as good as they say.

(this review is a Limited review—means I have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Loch Fyne and We paid for the meals out of our own pockets.


Service Quality

The waitress explains about the special deals and serve each of us warmly. Though, it takes some time to be able to order because the restaurant is almost full house. They also give recommendation for good pairing of food and wine.


Food Quality


My friend, Amy, ordered the Portugese Seafood Stew. Inside is salmon, some shellfish, prawns and cuttlefish with tomato-based sauce. There are garlic breads served on the side as well. She and I tasted it and thought the sauce is a bit bland. The seafood is alright, but not of exceptional quality. There is a sense of non-unity between the sauce and the seafood, which is a pity as it degrade the overall taste. It’s not bad, but I would say you can give it a miss unless you really want to order a stew.



Next is the Classic Mussels which is mushroom sauce based. The whole plate is just filled with those seashells plus two breads and a house white wine. It tastes pretty good and a good starter for my mussel buffet. I can taste the sauce uniting well with the mussels, forming a delicious combo in the mouth. Drinking a house white wine allows me to wash it all down, but retain a fresh aftertaste for next bite.



Another mussel with bacon and thyme flavour. There are bacon pieces scattered around the dishes. The thyme is pretty strong in each bite, making some of them taste a bit more sour than usual. It is not the best combination for me, however, as I don’t really prefer the sourness together with seafood. You can try this but if you hate sourness with mussels, stay away!



For my last mussel course, I chose a heavier dish : Mac & Cheese Mussels! It comes with green salads as sides, a great pair up with the dish. Surprisingly, the cheese used is not as strong as I expected, so it does not really overwhelm the mussels’ own flavour. This course surprisingly raises my appetite even though I’m getting full. Definitely try this out as a second course.



My other friend, Caroline, ordered the Lobster and Crab burger. It comes with chips and a dip. It looks pretty normal, but she said that it tastes just alright. There is nothing special aside from some taste of lobster in each bite. It is pretty obvious that she is slightly disappointed in the dish, even though its the most expensive meals among us.



Finally, we come to the dessert,Crème brûlée, they serve two biscuits by the side. Amy eats up slowly, as if determining the quality. In the end, she thought the crispy burnt sugar is not thick enough, giving a less satisfying in each bite, and also it is not cameralised enough for deeper fragrant/flavour. Also, the taste is just like any other Crème brûlée, but one redeeming point is the texture us perfect. I will say this would serve as a good dessert, but don’t raise your hope of eating the best one here.






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