Black Mirror Season 2 Ep 3 (2013) TV-Srs Mini Review

Season 2 Episode 3 is something that has been happening pretty recently. It is not unlike that of the US election with a, perhaps, not as surprising results. This episode: The Waldo Moment does not exactly exaggerate any parts that we have seen before. In fact, it seems to be a forecast that has turned out to be true. I would have to admit this episode is the most relevant for the year 2016.

The Waldo Moment’s basic premise is similar to how Donald Trump come to be famous. It tells from the perspective of Jamie and his alter-ego, Waldo. Waldo is a blue 3D cartoon bear that is animated through motion capture of Jamie. So, in this world, Waldo is famous. Period. People just love him for his brashness, with vulgarities filling most of his sentences and jokes. However, what I found refreshing is that Jamie is a different character than Waldo. The episode shows us that they are not the same. Jamie is just like any normal human with common sense, while Waldo is otherwise. SO Waldo eventually become famous enough that he can stand for election, of which Jamie is very reluctant to go along, but he is pressurised by the Producer.

We see Jamie being helpless that Waldo’s existence is deemed more important than his. He is on the brink of losing his identity and self-worth. I like how the actor is able to act out his pathos. Immediately, I can see the Jamie character being portrayed as a pitiful sad, but righteous person. He has lost his love life, though he almost found a new one, but lost it due to Waldo indirectly. The episode moves pretty fast and smoothly, gripping us with more excitement for Waldo’s actions in the political world.

Sadly, the story does not have a very proper ending. It’s idea is quite cliche as well, only being interesting enough due to the actors’ performance and pacing. Though, 3 years after its release, Waldo’s action and words prove to be able to move people’s heart. In it, he talks about being Honest and more real than an actual politicians. but his actions are more off-putting.



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