Westworld Season 1 Ep 5 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

Episode 5 is about story and character development, both doing so at quicken pace. It acts as the stepping stone to a greater mystery, which will hopefully be revealed in the upcoming episode. Both the Androids and humans will be going through trials together. Their growth as individual are being more emphasised throughout the show. We will explore them all below!

The basic premise is Dolores is getting more sentient as time goes on. Her inner voice is being heard clearer, which she finally decided to go along with it’s instructions. We start seeing her becoming more human, but at the same time turning ruthless as well during a key scene. Meanwhile, William goes through an unintentional transformation: he shoots a few men down with his guns. Logan is still an asshole who at first tries to congratulate him, and then ridicules him. We are shown the true nature of their relationships near the end, let’s just say they are not really friends. Dolores eventually discovers that she is living in the park, of which she needs William to escape, and they have to do so before the bad guys kill them. Meanwhile, Dr Ford meets up with the Mysterious Black Man to have a chat. That scene provides more mysteries than answers expectedly.

What I really like about this episode is the great pacing of how the story unfolds. Each cut is to a scene that is filled with importance. You will learn something from them; they are not there just for visual sake. We get to know more of the humans’ relationship to one another, while we start to understand the android’s growing sentience is affecting the humans as well, though indirectly. Suffice to say, ep 5 is one of the best build-up episode I have ever seen. Everything points us to the Maze, from the visual reference to the dialogues. It keeps me glued, making me questioning about the nature of the Maze, creating curiosity that goes deeper than I realised. Also, the music theme is getting faster as well near the end, seemingly reinforcing that the build-up is about to go full force to the next episode. They also raise another question: is there an intruder among the humans?







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