Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Film Mini Review

This is a film that has gained cult following, which then eventually is included in many Top 100 Greatest Films ever made lists. It features Jim Carrey, so we expect this to be a comedy, of which it is, but there’s more to this film that meets the eyes. But what makes it so great? This is the question that I’m going to answer as we delve deeper down.

First off, this film is weird. Basically most of the story takes place in Joel’s (Jim Carrey) mind. The basic premise is that both Joel and Clementine met on a beach, dated for a while and then broke up. Both of them decided to go through a special procedure to erase the memory of their ex. However, Joel tries hard to resist it till the end. Storywise, it’s pretty original and unique. I love how they set it mostly in the head as that’s the core of the conflict.

However, the most incredible thing about this film is the way the scenes flow smoothly to one another. The director blends in fiction and reality, interweaving them together. There is this particular scene where Joel walks through a door from a bookstore, and enters his friends’ house. That scene is set in the real world, yet it just looks magically psychological. Then there are more scenes without cut that blends one environment to the others. It really feels like a dream sequence without relying much on obvious cgi effects. Everything just seems normal, just like in our dream where these things happen often.

Jim Carrey plays a very convincing role as someone introverted who tries to find back his love. He still retains his own style of visual comedy, but he manages to mesh it well with his characters. Kate Winslet plays her role brilliantly too, with the amount of emotions being shown for each scene, for her real and fictional characteristics, which can be a bit different.



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