Black Mirror Season 2 Ep 2 (2013) TV-Srs Mini Review

Continuing on the same new premise, characters and settings per new episode, Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 2: White Bear presents something of a change. It is in a sense, one of the weirdest episode disregard the story but the way it is presented. I am not sure what the episode is meant to represent exactly, but I have some idea about it. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into this episode.

It starts off with a woman, Victoria, who seemingly woke up after a failed suicide attempt with pills scattered on the floor. Then, she began to realise that her surroundings and neighbours are acting weirdly, as they do not respond to her but instead keep taking pictures or videos of her. This happened even when a gunman comes out of the car and starts shooting her down the road. While on the run, she encountered two teenagers, Jem and Damien, who look and act normal. Damien explains that a mysterious signal on the phone and Tv has caused people to be immune to any violence. They will simply use their smartphone to record everything. Worse, some people reveal their true nature and starts killing people for fun.

There are some twists in the end which I won’t spoil. First, I would say that I love the quick pace at the film’s development. They are always in a hurry to do something, thus we are never getting bored from staying in one location for too long. The characters are alright, with their short on screen time, it’s mostly acceptable. However, the glaring mistake is that the story does not seem to contain any proper ending. Sure, I like the twists and all, and the theme of poetic justice is strong. But then, unlike the previous episodes, this one does not seem to have a good ending at all. Perhaps this is what the director intended, as the ending is the beginning and vice versa. Sadly, I do not feel it to be as exciting or memorable as the previous episodes, where raw human characters/story development stands out.


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