Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar London (Limited Review)

Another day in London began with a craving of ramen. My friends and I began to search for the nearest great reviewed ramen and Kanada-Ya came out on top. It was 1.30pm and the store was closing at 3, so we rushed down with a tap on the Uber app.

(this review is a Limited review—means I have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Kanada-Ya and I paid for the meals out of my own pocket.


Service Quality

The service is pretty fast with the ramen served up within 5-10 mins upon sitting down. Although the place is often crowded and long queue always forms outside, the waitress will not try to rush you and you can take your time (considerately) to choose from the menu.


Food Quality


The one I have tried is Spicy Shoyu Ramen which is a pork- based broth that is the spiciest ramen they serve. It looks great but remember the egg is not included in the original order, so you will have to add it as extra. Aside from that, the chashuu, bamboo, spices and the Hard noodle is served aplenty. You can choose different hardness from Extra Hard, Hard, Regular to Soft, and the recommendation from them is Hard. I love the extra spiciness kick that makes me gulp down the noodles and the broth just taste much better than the one in Bone Daddies. The noodle is thin but springy with just enough chewiness and hardness. It complements the broth and the bamboo, and the best combination is to mix the whole eggs in one mouth (For me) with the soup and one chashuu. I would love to say the seaweed fits the broth and noodle but sadly mine is a bit soft and does not taste as great.


My friends have also ordered Tsuna Onigiri, Karaage and Truffle Edamame. The Onigiri is fairly thick and the rice is fluffly and flavourful. I just don’t really like the softness of the seaweed as it lacks the desired chewiness. It brings just total flavour down a bit but luckily the tuna mayonnaise inside makes up for it.


Karaage is freshly fried with a dip of mayonnaise being served. It is a fairly simple affair, it tastes just fine with no special mention. Ordered this when you just want to eat extra or fried food in the store.

Truffle Edamame is just the beans being sprinkled with truffle sprinkles. Similar to the karaage, there’s no special mention of anything exceptional.

They have also ordered Truffle Tonkotsu Ramen and a Normal Tonkotsu Ramen. The former taste with just the right amount of Truffle, that complements with the rest in a fantastic balance. Again, all these basic ramens have no eggs included, so do order it as add-ons. The Tonkotsu Ramen is just a normal pork-broth ramen that deserved a special mention of being just delicious in its own right. If you want to just have a nice meal and not think too much of other options, then Tonkotsu Ramen or the X version will serve as the best first choice in this restaurant.



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